I started my journey into photography during my college years. My first SLR I bought was in the early '80s a Minolta SRT202 full manual which forced me to learn the mechanics of photography. My first endeavor into specialty photography was after learning to scuba dive. I bought a Nikonos 5 and later a Nikon N50 with a Sea & Sea housing and strobes. I started shooting sports when my 2 sons started playing soccer. But since I mostly shot slides and it was difficult getting slides developed I bought a Nikon CP995 digital camera. I quickly found out that I needed a better camera and started researching DSLR's. When Canon came out with the 20D I knew that the technology had progressed to where I wanted it to be. I started shooting sports with the 20D and quickly became proficient. I recently moved up to the 1D mark III with various professional quality lens and am starting my business- "photography by forest".